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How to Choose an Orphanage Internship Program

Posted by on May 2, 2013 | 5 comments

One of the things I advice people to do when trying to start an orphanage or get into another area of orphan care is to do an internship in an orphanage. But BE CAREFUL with your choice of an orphanage. To get the maximum benefit, it has to be an orphanage run very very well. Why? Imagine that you are interested in being a medical doctor. You randomly choose a hospital to do an internship. You go to a hospital that is horrible; everything is a mess, the doctors are not well trained, there are no competency standards and nurses and doctors don’t care at all. What kind of experience will you get? You will get a different experience from someone who went to a well-run hospital with very loving and knowledgeable physicians.

You want to learn in the process from people who do it WELL, not merely be in an orphanage. Where you go is more important than going at all.

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  1. I have gone on mission trips in the past that were more like tourist vacations, but we visited orphanages and dispersed handouts. Everyone thinks that mission trips are good, but that is not completely true! If you go on a trip that is shallow and centered more about the volunteers than the orphans, it is a bad trip and actually causes a lot of harm! Instead of seeing real local life, we were housed in nice expensive hotels, ate American food, had WiFi and hot showers and many of the volunteers thought that was normal for missionary trips. No, its not! The quality of the experience is more important than just being able to say you went overseas.

  2. Hello Dr Ken,
    I dreamt and I was telling someone in my dream that I love the needy, especially the orphans and that I will love to have a place to care for their needs. Please I need your help on how to fulfill this dream. I am a Registered Nurse by profession. Will you be able to help me, guide me through to fulfill my passion and dream.

    • Hello Shola,
      I would suggest first and foremost that you be in continued prayer asking God what he would have you to do. IF, you still know this is what he wants you to do then I would suggest receiving some sort of training through an organization. You may choose to do it through us at Glory Bible College or through a different organization that is similar. God Bless!

  3. hi.this is josiah and i am making this requicition on behalf of my friend ,she is 32 years old and intending to open and run an orphanage home.please send information on my email and i will fowered it to her.she is stayying in south africa north west provence in a village called bethanie.

    • Hello Josiah,
      Thank you for desiring to be a help to your friend. I would suggest to you to share with her what you have learned from this site or even suggest her to take a look over the articles posted on this site. Also, http://www.orphancaremoevement.org will of great help to her to running a successful orphanage.

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