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Leadership: The first Key to Success in Orphan Care

Posted by on April 1, 2013 | 8 comments

Many people who want to start an orphanage or care for orphans rarely think about leadership. But the truth is that without wise leadership, your orphan care program or orphanage will certainly fail. Leadership is key in orphan careGuaranteed! Excellent leadership is the first thing you need. Your organization will only grow as far as your leadership will take it. Most orphanages either close down or remain very small.  It doesn’t matter if God explicitly told you to start the organization or not. If God did, he will expect you to get the leadership training you need to accomplish the task.

The grave mistake that many of us make is that we think that we naturally have the leadership skills that are required. Because of that, we make no effort to learn leadership, to read books, listen to tapes about it or to associate ourselves with wise leaders from whom we can learn. Leadership expert, speaker, and best selling author of over 20 million leadership books, John Maxwell, has said that “Everything rises and falls on leadership“. That is a fact! Your orphanage or other nonprofit, your business, your family, your marriage, your kids, everything!

It is good to learn from our mistakes. But it is better to learn from the mistakes of others so that we don’t fall into the same pit to learn. Many people on the journey of starting and running their own orphanages or other organizations have fallen into the deep pit of lack of leadership and broken their two legs. Thousands of them lay buried in the graveyard of failed orphanages and nonprofits. A lot of them have healed and can walk and dance again. Why not learn from them? Must we also fall into the same pit and have our own legs broken to learn the lesson? Think about the pain involved. The risk of remaining in the pit for years or dieing altogether. Spare yourself the pain by learning leadership.


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  1. I have wen learning leadership skills lately and it is not always easy. But it is an important quality to have in life as well as in any business venture. I’m lucky to be learning under a very wise leader. Sometimes I hate being a leader…sometimes it’s easier to follow, but if I want to make something of myself and my talents, I need to rise to the occasions and challenges of leadership.

  2. Are you in a position to guide myself in your internet marketer or the man that manages your blog, I’d like to determine if it could be very easy to be a guests poster.

  3. yes leadership is key,i like every thing my lord bless you.
    this in not the last but i will make it my home thanx
    from Elvis

    • Thanks Elvis for sharing. I’m glad that you liked the post and are making the page your home page! I will continue to share leadership tips on this blog to provide help. I’m passionate about leadership and actually teach leadership courses through Glory Bible College.

  4. I am grateful at your response. pls let me know how I can be part of a movement of people who care for orphans and also be part of the systems training. I already have my degree. i dont have any doubt about you because of what I have so far read on your site and profile. For now things I dont know about this mission are greater than the ones I know, please hold my hands and lead my way.

    • Hello Blessing,
      It’s my pleasure to help. I’m part of the Shaping Destiny Movement. You may read more about the movement here: http://www.shapingdestiny.org/start-a-ministry/
      Check it out and see if that’s something that would work for you. I’m also a faculty at Glory Bible College. The college offers low cost training. That’s something to also check and see if it works for you. There are also other sources of information. Check our resources page. It has some links there to helpful sites.
      Let me know if I can help any further. It’s my joy to be a part of helping you and others serve orphans well.

  5. Hello Blessing,
    I’m glad that you find the content useful. I pray that God will help you with you orphanage planting efforts. As you learn and prepare for your orphan care work, have you considered being part of a movement of people who care for orphans? Such a movement provides support, common values, sometimes systems training etc. You still own your orphanage/ministry but are connected with others who do the same thing so that you can share ideas, resources etc. Also, formal education is something to consider. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you. It’s my joy to help anyone who wants to start an orphanage do it right. That’s helps the planter and the orphans.

  6. Your site is a great inspiration and a standing Tuitor to people like me. I am working on establishing an orphanage in my village. your postings will really do great on this to me. I shall definitely report and post any useful information on this as advised.

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