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Orphan Statistics

Posted by on March 21, 2013 | 4 comments

As we consider starting an orphanage or serving orphans in any way, it’s crucial to accurately understand the orphan statistics. We hear the media throw numbers around about the number of orphans worldwide. If we are to be serious, we need to carefully understand what those numbers mean and what they don’t mean. That will affect our ministry and prayer. The Christian Alliance For Orphans has a great article on orphan statistics. Check it Here.

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  1. I was visiting an orphanage in Rwanda a few years back and one of the orphans told me that the Rwandan government was starting a Reunificatiom program that was attempting to shut down the orphanages and put the children with family members or other outside homes. My initial reaction was shock and criticism! That’s because I was under the impression, at that time, that orphanages were the best place for these kids. Where would they go?? Who would care for them?! I never considered that other local families, if not their own, could easily take them in and provide the attention and nurturing that a huge institution could never provide. In fact, looking back I see that if the money spent keeping a big orphanage running was put towards supporting individual families as they took in children, it would do a lot more good

    • That’s a nicely made answer to a chelianglng question

  2. It has always been my childhood dream and a heart desire to establish an Orphange and need help as to how to go about it

    • Hello Lord, I hope that you were able to gain more information on orphan care through this site and that you continue to seek out the Lord’s guidance as you take this journey! Thank you for sharing Lord!

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