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Share tips on how to select really needy orphans.

Posted by on March 21, 2013 | 37 comments

All that glitters is not gold. All who look poor are not poor. They may be poor when compared to western standards, but are they poor enough to deserve help? We will share with you how to select orphans. Not every child who looks poor in an African village needs help. The mistake many people make is to go and indiscriminately gather children to help. They do this because many of the children don’t have shoes and look poor. These people may have a good heart, good intentions, but easily make mistakes and waste efforts.

The majority of people in rural Africa look very poor, but that doesn’t mean that they need someone from the West to sponsor them. Many people have land, grow their own crops and have enough food to eat, money to send their kids to local schools etc. Their children may grow up to be farmers like them without much education. But that isn’t a reason to go take their children and send them to school to become like us. There are different ways of introducing development into such communities. There is great beauty in simplicity. A civilized society with tall skyscrapers and booming healthcare industry may not necessarily be the best way to live.

The lifestyles of these local people may involve hard work on the farms. But so do the lifestyles of cowboys and farmers in the West. Looking dirty and pitiful doesn’t always mean needing help. Many of our staff¬† have grown up in these poor African communities and know how to select the really suffering kids. We will share their knowledge to help you serve better.¬† Another trap that people frequently fall into is that they are deceived by unscrupulous local people to take their relatives and sponsor them. They do this because they think money is easy to come by abroad. In their minds, they say “Who will pay for their kid’s tuition when someone else can do that?” So, sometimes they tell lies and pretend and an untrained person easily falls for it. There are many poor people around the world. Help is truly needed. But the key is to give the right kind of help, the right amount of help, at the right time, and for the right length of time.

Right now, millions of orphans around the world are actually being hurt by good hearted people giving them handouts. Handouts cause some people to keep their relatives poor to use them to receive help. It makes many poor people plain lazy. Some single mothers/fathers choose the free help they can get than to go to the farm so that they can have something to eat and help their kids. Others who would otherwise help their nephews and nieces who are orphans don’t want to do it because they know someone else is willing to do it — all they need to save their money is wait a little while and parade their nieces and nephews as desperate orphans. Then an orphanage will take them and give them good food and education. But deep in their hearts, if there was no orphanage, they will live with their relatives and take care of them.

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  2. Hi friends am Risen Philly from Uganda Eastern part of it(kamuli). I grew up in apoor family and became aSponsered Child at the age of 12yrs. I successfully completed high school and had an ambition of completing further studies to became a Doctor. However after high school, my sponser was unable to continue to support me financially, so my dream of being a Doctor could not be achieved as he could not afford the tuition costs. Insteady of being disappointed on missing out my dream, I wanted to show my appreciation to my sponsor by giving back to my local community, I decided to start up aproject for the children who were from financially disadvantaged back grounds and provide them with Opportunities. and I decided to register 72 Children to be helped but it’s unfortunate that I can only meet needs for only 23 Children. This leaves others in astate of wondering whether they will at any time be happy. Who can make them happy? Thanks!!!! risenphilly@gmail.com, +256755964707 or +256772088132

  3. Hi my name is Carolyne and I’m 18years old. It has been my dream since I was 10years of age to establish my own orphanage one day. I started researching when I turned 17 but I don’t get all the details I want can u please give me some more Ideas on how to start it and do I need a certificate to establish?

  4. Hello I am from Taiwan
    I consider to open an orphan home, however how much is the cost? I am not rich and I just wanna help poor children in Africa. I search on internet and I can’t find relevant information. Anyone knows? Thank you

  5. My Name Is Winfred And I’m From Lesotho.
    I’ve Been Thinking About Opening An Orphanage But Many Times I Have Tried To Ignore It But This Is The Time That I Can Not Ignore It Anymore. By the grace of God and believe that there is somebody Who is there to help me to carry out this message of God.
    Thank you Winfed

  6. HELLO

  7. educative

  8. Dear Elizabeth,

    At present Kaisho Child Care Outreach is looking at renting out a home that can accommodate 30 orphans and provide every child with the necessary beddings, food, clothing and education. The home will be located in Mpala on Entebbe road and we have plans of increasing the number of orphans in our orphanage depending on the availability of finances.

    We are looking for individuals and organisations to partner with. we well be glad to share more. our email address is kaishochildcareoutreach@gmail.co. GOD BLESS U.

  9. I have seen first hand how African families will lie to orphanages trying to make their children look poor and helpless when in reality there is a family who can care for them, they just either don’t want to or need help. Or they think someone else will so it’s almost like a free pass. People need to be careful that they don’t let their good intentions go to waste. That’s another reason why westerners are hindered in a different culture…they won’t be able to discern who is really in need and who isn’t.

  10. Comment: I am from South Africa in the nothernside of the country which is Limpopo Province, i have passion for children and would like to start an orphanage after realising that most of the children who are abused are orphans. How can i get training sponsor and alsor a sponsor to start this kind of a home in my area?

    • Hello, I am from Tanzania, Eastern side of Africa
      I need this kind of trainings before engaging my self into the service. I have a call and i need to start doing right things to deliver the required service to orphans. My concern is how to go about it, what are the things should i need to achieve before. Help please!!!

      • Hello Nuru, thank you for posting!
        The best advice I can give you is to go through this page and read the many articles that are available that share important things that you will need and want to know when caring for orphans. Also, do other research on orphan care so that you can be sure to care for children to the best of your ability. Thanks again Nuru! Best of luck to you as you continue to grow and serve orphans.

    • Thank you for sharing this passion with us Merriam,
      I hope the best for you as you continue to serve God’s precious children. I would suggest to you to gain as much knowledge as possible about orphan care from this site. You will find many articles under the “archives” tab at the top of the page. These articles will help prepare you to serve orphans by receiving new ideas and will help you to learn from others past mistakes in caring for orphans. Also, make sure you are seeking out answers from the Lord and trusting in Him to provide for what is according to His will. Thanks again Merriam!

    • Hello Merriam,
      The best advice I could give you is to take a look around this site, and read all of the articles that have been posted. I personally have learned a lot about orphan care through them and am now more prepared to care for children. You will learn from others mistakes in some of these articles, but take that as a learning opportunity so that you don’t make the same mistakes. As far as sponsoring goes I would suggest to you to continue to pray that God will provide sponsors for you and also be sure you are telling everyone of the passions you have to care for abused children. Thanks Merriam! Best of luck to you as you seek out the best ways to serve orphans.

  11. Thanks for the article, what a good eye opener! Im planing to start helping orphans and have an orphanage. Im from Africa Malawi, Blantyre. God gives me my daily food and im 100% sure that i can give a hand to about 10 orphans. i already have a house which i want it be dedicated to these orphans but when ever i think of going into the field to search for orphans i dont know where to start, please what should i do. I promised my God for this and i must do it.

    • Zenih, thank you for sharing with us!
      The best advice I can give you is to be seeking the answer to this question from God. Take what you learned from this article and remember it, but also look through more of the articles on this page; I think that you will find them very helpful as you begin to care for orphans! Remember locals are going to know the people, and the area the best so maybe finding a local person or group in the community that is trustworthy and team up with them so that you are better able to distinguish who really needs the help that you are able to provide. We often end up hurting when we try to help and serve other on our own so it is good to have a team of people with different ideas to help distinguish the best way to help. I hope the best for you as you continue to seek out knowledge in this area. Thank you Zenih!

  12. Hi
    it my dream to have an orphanage, I have found an land to build the problem I don’t find sponsors what must I do

    Thank you

    • Hello Hlengiwe,
      It is awesome that you have a dream to start an orphanage, and I hope the best for these plans as you trust in the Lord to provide. The best advice I can give you is to pray, become an excellent prayer warrior, as you seek answers from the Lord by listening and being intentional in reading the bible. Also, tell everyone you know about what The Lord has called you to do and share the passion that you have with others to get them involved. Best of luck to you and your community as you work together in fulfilling this dream! Thank you Hlengiwe.

  13. Comment @ leland johnson i live in abuja nigeria and i av a vision to take care of orphans i can be of help for now till i open my own

    • Hello Juliet,
      Thank you for sharing your vision to care for orphans and for your willingness to help! As you have plans to open up your own orphanage one day I will advice you to gain as much knowledge as possible about the truths of orphan care so that you are sure to truly help them and not accidentally do harm. This website has many articles on orphan care and the best practices. Do your best to learn from the mistakes that others have made in orphan care so that you can be sure to avoid making the same! You will find even more information on orphan care at http://www.orphancaremovement.org Also, continue to pray for the orphan care movement. God does great things through prayer! Thank you Juliet, best of luck to you as you serve orphans.

  14. Hello,
    I have had this passion in the past to help the needy. Recently the passion is increasing so high to run an orphanage, but am really praying to be sure that God is calling me into the ministry. am single from Nigeria. while still praying, I have gone through your profile and find it so interested to study in your school for further training.
    thanks. God bless your soul.

    • Hello Mercy,
      Thank you for posting! It is awesome that you have a passion to serve and that the Lord is laying it on your heart to serve orphans! As you are being deligent in prayer and seeking answers I would suggest to you to be gaining as much knowledge as possible about orphan care and serving the poor in general. You will find a lot of helpful information on this site alone as you go through the different articles. Also, check out the training that Austin Bible College offers! http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/
      I myself am a student at Austin Bible College and in the process of receiving my degree in Orphan Care and Management and can tell you that there is so much to learn about orphan care that had never crossed my mind before but am so thankful to be informed now so that I can serve to the best of my ability.
      Thank you Mercy for sharing!

  15. Hello,

    I am moving to Madagascar to be with my husband (who has lived there his whole life) and we would love to open up some sort of orphan base in the south within the next 5 years. In dreaming up this idea, I have frequently thought not only just of orphans, but of serving everyone in these small rural communities somehow. Like building a school that could double as an orphan base or something like that. So I was thinking of expanding to not only help orphans, but to also help those children in families that really are doing poorly. After reading this article, though, I am beginning to feel that it is easier said than done. At the same time, I would feel terrible excluding a child from coming to this school because he really wasn’t in need. I am following your advice and I am going to start an online training program that will hopefully give me more insight to more fully develop my vision. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Morgan!
      I am glad that this post has encouraged you to seek more knowledge in orphan care. It sounds like God has great plans to use you and your family in Madagascar. I hope the best for you guys as you are choosing to be obedient to His calling for your lives.
      It is great that you have planned to seek out training so I will suggest to you Austin Bible College (http://www.austinbiblecollege.com/) which offers certificate and degree programs in Orphan Care and Management. Thanks for sharing Morgan!

      • Hello. I’m Yvonne from South Africa. I love taking care of and the wellbeing of needy children. Since 2010 God put in my heart to build a orphanage home. I studied community development in 2011 and regiterd NGO in 2013. I tried many times to apply in my Municipality for a place where I can start but with no success.I also got a fundraiser to assist me with the plan and sponsors but he pass away last year now i dont know what to do from here. I don’t have the finances therefore struggling to start with orphanage home. I’m born again and want to instill Godly morals to all children . I’m also a Sunday school teacher in my local church and want children in my reach to turn back to God so that they will be prosperous in all areas in the future.

  16. I’m going to Africa to help a village in Abuja Nigeria a member of my board is there now with the orphans im in Atlanta Georgia and will be traveling soon what do you know of this area ?

    • Hello Leland,
      I’m excited to hear about your planned trip! That’s awesome! I’m afraid to say that we don’t know anything about that area. We are currently working in Cameroon (which shares border with Nigeria).
      May God bless your trip and your efforts to serve orphans in Nigeria.

    • Hi Leland, i live in Atlanta Georgia ,i have a passion for orphans and my dreams is to establish an orphanage .since i haven’t started yet , i wanted to partner with any orphanage and volunteer. I don’t know if you have an orphanage in Atlanta where i can volunteer and gain experience . please do let me know.

      Thanks Elizabeth

  17. I am from Nigeria. I love this post, i’ve had a passion for these children for years and i have been praying about it, i didnt know i have to pass through a training, infact i dont even know how to start it, i just keep planning and planning but dont really know how to start. God bless you, i am sure that this will help me a lot.

    • Thanks Ndifreke.
      When I started serving orphans in 2005, I thought I knew everything I needed to know. I was at a top U.S. ivy league level university and was doing great, making straight As. I had experience growing up in Africa and had seen orphans and actually lived like one. But as I started running Shaping Destiny, an organization that cares for orphans, I discovered that there is so much to learn to properly care for orphans. To truly give one’s best to orphans, we cannot do without training. Doing an internship at a successful orphanage organization is something I wished I had done. I recommend it for everybody.
      I’m the provost at Glory Bible College. The college offers some excellent training for people going into orphan care. It’s one of the few Institutions of Christian Higher Education that do that. You can check the college’s programs. The tuition is very low for students from Africa and other countries where the GDP is low. Let me know if I can be of further assistance to you. I would love to help you any way I can to serve orphans and God better. Thanks

      • please am ready to start now,how do i get a licence in nigeria and also to get the orphans please help me….

  18. This is fantastic and encouraginmg. pls check your mail box on my response concerning the training. thanks very much.

    • Thanks Blessing. I’m glad that God used it to bless you.

    • Hi there

      Are there any oppoturnities to beome a volunteer in any western countries? All I want for now is expirience on how to take care of orphans because I hope one day I will start an orphanage .

      Thank you

  19. It was an eye-opener. I would like to start an orphanage exclusively for the children who are really in need of help.

    • Thanks Boby,
      I’m glad God used it to bless you. I thank God for a heart to start an orphanage to help God’s children. Have you considered being part of a movement or gaining formal training that may better help you serve?

      • I am in Atlanta Georgia, i just came across this site and i consider the information here very useful.. I have a passion for the orphans , it’s been there for the longest and i have prayed about it and God keeps confirming it , but i don’t really know where to start or the training i have to go through,even if it means volunteering till i able to establish something , but i can’t find where to volunteer or partner. Please, i need your advice.

        thanks Elizabeth.

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