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The Right People are Key, Not Money

Posted by on May 5, 2013 | 14 comments

I get many questions on this website from loving people who want to start an orphanage. By far, their greatest want is money to start an orphanage. In another post, I advised that it’s better to start an orphan ministry with other people that have the same passion than to do it alone.You may say, “But I don’t have anyone to join me.” That’s a good response. But realize that in many cases, the success of the organization you start depends on having the right people early. It may take time, but pray and work hard to find them.

This website gets over one thousand two hundred people visiting each month who want to start and orphanage and serve God. This is a good place for these people to connect. Instead of staring an orphanage alone, you can connect with the right people that have the same passion and are compatible with you. People who are willing to fight and die with you and also share the control and power with you. Look at it this way. In a military, what is more important? Having money or having high technology or having the right people? It’s having the right people. You must first have the right people before money or technology can matter. Many people don’t want to start an organization with others who are co-founders because they are afraid and want to maintain control. That’s a bad, selfish and often ungodly decision. I advise seeking God’s face and asking him to give you people. Watch this video by leadership expert Jim Collins and see how he articulates the same point.

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  1. I really like this lesson! I have been learning about character development and how the integrity we have inside us is such a vital part of the work that comes out of us. Who we are precedes what we do. When building a strong team, I think it is important to focus on the type of people you are recruiting rather than just the skills they possess. Yes, you want someone who can contribute to the team but if you have a really great graphic designer who can complete amazing work but they are not committed, are late to work, threaten to quit whenever they don’t like an assignment…are they really the type of person you want of your team? Who before what!

  2. I am a teacher .i have a dream to start an orphanage cum school for under privileged and orphan children. Its a burning desire which haunts me day and night.I am a I homely woman without many contacts. I find no route fulfill my dream and feel that my dream vision will be buried along with me, because I have neither money nor way .

    • Hello M.V.S. Nagalaxmi,
      I am sorry to hear about your situation, but our God is a Might God and he is able to work through anyone to make a difference. If serving orphans is something the Lord has called you to do, He will make a way as you continue to be obedient and seek His guidance through prayer! I hope the best for your spiritual journey, thank you for sharing!

  3. The Lord laid something on my heart a while ago. I really thought it was to be a Special Needs teacher. Although, I talked myself out of it, and decided to be a dentist. Just here recently though my step dad past away and my mom now has a huge hole to fill. We were talking not to long ago and decided to be a foster home (I obviously cant, I’m in my 2nd year of college and am only 17.) After discussing for a while, we decided there needed to be another orphanage in our area. There is one about 30 miles south of the small town I live in (Humphrey Arkansas.) The orphanage is called Dana’s House in DeWitt Arkansas. they have room to house 20 children and they are now holding 23, and the state is constantly trying to shove more in. They are also one of many orphanages that don’t have the place or people to take care of special needs foster children and I would really like to do this for these children. There is about 80 acres behind where my home is, my problem is that I don’t know who to contact about this?

    • Hello Lacey,
      I am unsure who exactly you are looking to contact. It might be a good idea overall to do more research and see exactly what it would cost and all the needs that would have to be met. You also may want to look into legal aspects of starting an orphanage in the United States. Having the heart to serve is a wonderful gift but you may want to consider receiving some sort of additional training and or seeking out other information and people to make your project a success.

  4. i want to open an orphanage around Limpopo province in south Africa….. what are the steps and where do i do?? who do i talk to please

    • Hell Moyahabo,
      The best advice I can give you is to learn as much about orphan care as possible. Because there are very few training sites you will probably have to gain a lot of knowledge simply from the internet and learning from others mistakes. This site will be very beneficial to you if you take a look at all the articles that are posted. Also check out http://www.orphancaremovement.org to learn even more. Best of luck to you, and God bless!

  5. Hallo Dr Ken Acha,

    I am a Zambian who used to leave in London, United Kingdom for many many years, but I have been in Zambia for 2 years now. I have had this vision to start an orphanage for many many years. I have land already where to build but I do not know anyone as yet who has the same vision as me. I would like to be connected to people with the same vision, as you have advised that I cannot do it alone. I am a Christian Spirit filled and I love God. My father was an orphan I am sure that’s why God has instilled in my heart to help the orphans, even widows.
    Thanks very much for your website, God Bless you. Martha

    • mr.mwel ,actually your thoughts are good. I am indian, i am just complete graduation. But i really want to help orphans, but i dont have money, i dont have even job also. But i am sure that i want to help orphans, i want to became a partner of orphanage. I have the same opinion like you

      • Dear B. Sivaji,
        Thank you for sharing your passion to care for orphans. I hope that God continue to give you direction as you are being dependent on Him to provide for you and lead you. As God provides for you and puts you in a position to care for orphans I will advice you to be trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about caring for orphans. You will find many informative articles on this site as well as at http://www.orphancaremovement.org

    • Hello Martha,
      your post is a while ago, so i can just hope that you have a look in here again.
      I’d be interested to hear how far your plans have come (i’m really interested in that)!
      Best greetings,

      • Dear Martha ,

        I am interested to hear more of your plans and the needs of the widows and orphans in your county.
        My husband David and I are seeking the Lord and praying to partner with people that have the same heart
        and desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. We have been blessed abundantly

        • Hello Charlotte,
          Thank you for being so supportive of the orphan care movement by being submissive and willing to partner with others who feel called to do the same. It is awesome and encouraging to see God bringing His people together to care for His children. You may want to check out http://www.shapingdestiny.org to find out what God is already doing in the lives of orphans in Cameroon, Africa. If you are interested in serving at an orphanage or becoming involved in orphan care visit http://www.changevolunteers.org for great opportunities to do so! Thanks for sharing what God is doing in you and your husbands heart. God Bless, and best of luck to you guys as you continue to obey the Lords calling on your lives.

    • Hello Martha,
      I think that the passion to care for orphans that God has laid on your heart is great and I think that you should continue to pray and seek out ways that the Lord can use you and the land that He has given you. I would advise you to tell everyone of the passions the Lord has laid on your heart, and you never know; God could move their hearts and open up their eyes to see the need for people to care for God’s precious children. Also as God is preparing you to do great things try to gain as much knowledge as possible about caring for orphans. This site will be extremely beneficial and also http://www.orphancaremovement.org has a lot of insight on orphan care. Best of luck to you Martha, I pray God continues to work in and through you for His Kingdom! Thanks for sharing!

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